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A Cleaning Blog is a Terrible Thing to Waste

People, people, people, let me tell you that there is such a thing as procrastination where you put off what you know you should be doing. Such as the case with this blog that I created about two years ago. But as they say life got in the way, I was laid off from my job and my focus became looking for a job and staying afloat financially until I found a new job.

Flash forward to January 2012 where my life is more normal(I’m working again) so I decided to dust off  She Cleans and get down to the business of blogging about homekeeping and decorating, two things that I love. I am the person that loves, loves to look through decorating magazines and get ideas about how to spice up my space. While you are excited about shoes and clothes I am about cleaning products, coffee makers and other home products.

I’ve been cleaning up since I was in the 9th grade when my mother ceremoniously turned it all over to me and never looked back.

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3 thoughts on “A Cleaning Blog is a Terrible Thing to Waste

  1. Welcome back! I’m new here, but also love to figure out everything from organizing a closet to setting a table. I’ll be checking back to see how it’s coming. I’m just starting to really organize and decorate my home. Please stop by and visit. I hope we’ll both learn something new.

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