Easy Advice from Mrs. Meyers

I’ve been passing by Mrs. Meyers cleaning products in the stores and not really giving them much thought. I’m a Method(cleaning products) girl but after browsing through her book(Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home)at the bookstore yesterday I may have to give her products a try. Her advice is simple and practical at least the little bit I read was, for example Mrs. Meyers says, “Got toothpaste dripping  down the side of your sink? Dab it up with a cloth and rub it on your sink and shower faucets,” she promises it will brighten them up.  She advocates a “casual clean” style and believes in a clean house but not a perfect house. She should know, she only had nine kids so you know she had to stay on top of housekeeping. I’ve given up on home perfection though I do like my home to be clean.

One thing that Mrs. Meyers suggested that I’m going to try(that I’ve been neglecting) is once a month I’m going to clean out the bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Just this morning I was thinking it’s getting kind of junky under my sink in the bathroom. When you knock over something every time you go in to get one item, it’s time to purge.

I’m adding it to my google calendar right now with a reminder.

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