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Lasagna + Moleskine Planners+ Martha Stewart

It’s Wednesday already and before this week gets away from me I wanted to share a few things.

Lasagna: my family and I like it but we don’t like the ricotta or parmesan cheeses, weird I know but that doesn’t stop me from making it with mozzarella only. I add a layer of zucchini squash that I roast with a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper in the oven but the Pioneer Woman may have shown me how to get a more even spread of cheese than I do with the shredded mozzarella. I checked out her recipe and she uses the deli style sliced mozzarella instead of the shredded. Nice!

Image by She Cleans

I purchased one of those Moleskine Planners during the after Christmas planner sales. It came highly recommended in an article in Better Homes and Gardens with a description along the lines of you’ll love this planner, you’ll be addicted(okay those are my words) but true nevertheless. I find myself writing down things in it because it’s just so darn nice to look at and so easy to use which is a good segue into my reading Martha’s  monthly calendar in her Living Magazine. She quite possibly may be the most organized woman on the planet and it’s the reason she’s one of my favorite homekeeping , cooking and decorating icons. Oh no my calendar entries will never be as  diverse as hers harvesting kumquats from the greenhouse or ordering baby chicks for the chicken coop but I should start thinking about what vegetables I want to plant this summer and of course I really do need to bake some cookies for Valentine’s Day.

Posted by She Cleans


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