Kitchen Pantry Dreams

Image by She Cleans

I love to look at pictures of well-organized homes with neat little pantries tucked in or near the kitchen. I have pantry dreams y’all but they are going to have to wait until my dream home or until I knock out a wall in my current home. I’m remembering the pantry at my grandmother’s house growing up. It was in a room off the kitchen, its contents hidden by a curtain that held everything from canning jars to fruit cakes(to be sold) soaking in whiskey. These days I’m impressed by all kinds of pantries like the one I saw on the cover of a special collector’s edition of The Best of Martha Stewart Living Organizing which, by the way, I immediately purchased. I also love the makeshift pantry on the Food Network’s Chopped(one of my favorite t.v. shows). Both are beautiful and I just know  if my pantry looked more like these, I would cook and entertain more.

One thing the magazine suggests to make a pantry look more orderly is to decant perishables into pretty canisters and label for easy reference. I like that idea and it’s not one that I need to wait until I get a pantry to do. I already have containers on my counter and I just need to label them with some cute labels to make them pop. I like the new chalk labels from Martha’s Avery Labels Collection at Staples and I’m in luck because when I went online to check them out, there is a 30 percent off coupon good until this Saturday. I can’t have my pantry right now but in the meantime I’ve got some accessorizing and labeling to do.

Posted by She Cleans


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