Spring Cleaning In Any Season

I’m not much of a spring cleaner as I try to clean all year-long; some years better than others. This is one of those springs where I really feel the need to purge and clean. My household use to be two households and I’m feeling the effects of it with my husband and my items stuffed in every bit of extra space we can find and space is at a premium. I will not even get into the items that have been sitting in our respective SUVs for months. But spring is renewal time right?!  My list is long and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed so the conventional wisdom AKA things I’ve read says to break up the tasks. For example declutter 30 minutes a day or organize one drawer or cabinet a day. Other wisdom includes clean when you are already dirty; that is look for 8 to 10 minutes of cleaning tasks before you jump in the shower says Jeff Davidson who wrote Breathing Space.

I got started after Zumba last Thursday( I was, after all, sweaty) by organizing my home and decorating magazines into some IKEA magazine files I bought cheaply years ago. I also a gave our bedroom a good vacuuming which means I moved bedside tables and other items I normally don’t move.

Saturday I tackled the kitchen cabinet that holds the spices. It was a jumble of jars that always seemed to work their way to the edge of the cabinet.

In the spirit of reusing and since I was tired of looking at the baskets sitting in the back of the car I put them to new use after washing them with soap and water. I grouped spices by the type of containers they were in and recycled a bunch of half empty jars. I also made note of spices that I needed to replenish.

Spices Before and After

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