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Storage Solutions With Items You Already Own

Look up, down and around and you’re sure to see some storage solutions in unexpected places and with some items you probably already own. Think totes, ice-cube trays, empty jam and spaghetti jars even your luggage providing it’s not already designated for an upcoming trip. Think the inside of your closet door where a hanging bag with clear pouches can corral shoes as well as other items.

Image: Family Circle

Think Totes: As a Librarian, I’ve attended lots of conferences and always left with free totes. Family Circle Magazine suggests hanging a few on a peg in an entry or mudroom and using them to stow various items such as gardening or  dog-walking supplies with the option to pull out what you need or grab the whole tote.

Image: Family Circle

Think Ice cube trays: Get your office organized by putting paper clips, thumbtacks and staples in ice-cube trays. Stack some in your dresser drawer to organize your jewelry giving each necklace, ring or set of earrings its own compartment.

Image: Family Circle

Go here for more ideas.

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