These are a Few of my Favorite Things

OMG…the things you can learn looking in a magazine even if you’re a month late doing so. I love, love, love to look at home decorating magazines, it was one of my reasons for wanting to blog because I wanted a medium to share the cool things I come across.

Like… this colorful tape dispenser from It’s one of many colorful accessories from pen cups to rulers that they offer. So many colors, so little space to place it all on my desk. I did snag the aqua tape dispenser and matching stapler and pens. Check them out, I’m telling you you’re going to love their stuff.

Image: Poppin

I will confess that I have not yet  joined the revolution of only using the calendar on my smart phone. I still like the idea of writing things down in a planner or in the case at my office on a wall calendar and these labels from the Martha Stewart Home Office line by Avery are useful to remind me of important dates like PAYDAY…as if I could forget.

Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ Removable Color-Coding Labels
Image: Staples

And finally, once again, I found these gorgeous file folders after reading a decorating magazine, I think this time it was Better Homes and Gardens. I knew that office folders came in colors but nothing like these from Greenroom that can be found at Target. I quickly found myself obsessing over the line which includes notebooks, binders and planners.


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