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Pretty peppers thrive in containers


I’m growing peppers in a container for the first time. I was excited to see a little green pepper poking out earlier this week, should you want to try it, this article has some great tips.

Image: She Cleans


It’s easy to grow your own produce if you live in a condo, townhouse or apartment, as long as your balcony gets enough sun and shelter from the wind.

Peppers of all types are well suited to growing in balcony containers. They are easy to grow and homegrown always tastes great. A single, potted sweet bell pepper plant could provide six to 12 fruits in one growing season.


Pepper roots need a fair amount of room to spread out, so if you’re going to grow large varieties, you’ll need a container that’s at least 60 centimetres wide and deep. For dwarf or mini types, a pot that is 25 cm wide and deep will suffice. I recommend choosing plastic or cast resin for the large pots because those materials are nice and light.


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