From Baby Changing Table to Bar Cart

A long while back I blogged about bar carts… one that I couldn’t afford  and one that I was sure I would never build. It’s not that I have a lot of booze but displaying it on a bookshelf just wasn’t working for me.

Somewhere along the way…either from one of my decorating magazines or via Pinterest, I came across the idea of upcycling a baby changing table into a bar cart.


And so it goes… I found a baby changing table in great shape and got to sanding and spray painting. I would advise doing a bit of light sanding and buying the spray paint that has the primer and finishing off with a clear sealant.

I love my little bar cart, I doubt I’ll ever put wheels on it and I’m okay with that.

Image: She Cleans

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Mason Jar Pin Cushion

 I made this one at the public library.

Learn to make your own right here

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Image: She Cleans
Image: She Cleans

Fall Wreath Time…

Image: She Cleans

It seems just like yesterday I was posting about making my summer wreath and it’s fall already and time to make my fall wreath. To the rescue again were my glue gun and some really cheap plastic flowers from Dollar Tree. It’s easy to make, simply pull the flowers off the stems you choose and glue them securely with your glue gun. The design is totally up to you!

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Napkin-Folded Pillowcases

Images: Martha


Brighten outdoor( I say indoor too) spaces with decorative pillows made from cloth napkins. Use spares when their matches have been tossed or lost, or buy single napkins that catch your eye.


  • One 20-inch cloth napkin
  • 12- or 14-inch square pillow
  • Sewing kit
  • Button
  • Cord


  1. STEP 1

    Lay a 20-inch square cloth napkin face down, positioning it to resemble a diamond. Center a 12- or 14-inch square pillow form on napkin.

  2. STEP 2

    Fold in 2 side points of napkin to middle, then fold up bottom point. Hand-stitch through all 3 pieces of fabric along upside-down V, about 2 inches down on each side. Stitch a button to bottom flap near point.

Full project at Martha Stewart

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“Put a Bird on It”

put a bird on it
Original Image: She Cleans

IF you watch Portlandia, you will get this reference, if not Google it for a funny scene from a very funny show. Meanwhile…I put a bird on this and I love it.

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DIY Summer Door Wreath


Image: She Cleans

It was time for a change from the fall wreath on our door. I’d been wanting to try my hand and making my own wreath since a lot of them are rather pricey. I pulled  this one together with a few inexpensive items from Michaels.

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Store your craft or sewing notions in this easy to make wall pocket

Saw this idea in the Crafts Beautiful Magazine and had to try it. NO sewing is required except for sewing on a button. All you need is two pieces of coordinating fabric and an embroidery hoop( the larger the better). Iron down a fold in the lower half of your fabric piece to create the pocket and sew on your button. Easy as pie!


Images: She Cleans


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