Make These Brownies (Almost) With Your Eyes Closed

On the hunt for a good, easy and cheap dessert for the fam. and you tonight or really anytime? By chance do you have a box of brownie mix and a can of black beans in your cabinets/pantry? If the answer is yes, then get out your brownie pan because it’s ON. My former boss turned me on to this dessert and at first I was skeptical that brownies could taste good without the eggs and oil but one bite cured all of that.


  • Place brownie mix in mixing bowl.
  • Puree black beans in a mixer with 1/4 cup of water(if too thick add a drop or two more of water)
  • Combine black bean puree and brownie mix stirring until well blended
  • Pour mix into appropriate size pan and bake according to package directions
  • Allow to cool
  • ENJOY!

Posted by She Cleans


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